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While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, no person or entity, including dauphin county, the recorder of deeds or his staff, shall have any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in the data at this site or at. Explore the worlds largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources. The lebanon county recorder of deeds office is a member of proda pennsylvania recorder of deeds association. The recorder of deeds office records are now on line from 1954 to the present. Our employment practices are not influenced or affected by race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veterans status, or any other categories protected by law. Beyond real estate, the recorders office also records military discharge papers and notary bondscommissions. Infocon county access system is an access service for those who need information on a regular basis from county public information data bases. Attempting to close on a home the following day, i was in immediate need of a deed for property that i previously owned to provide to the underwriters for my pending loan. Lebanon county recorder of deeds room 107, municipal building 400 south 8th street lebanon, pa 170426794.

Effective 92018 we no longer require separate checks for the pa realy transfer tax. The chester county recorder of deeds office has a long history of faithfully serving the residents of this county since 1688. A cart is available and an elevator is available for transporting books from. In time it became customary also to record many other instruments of value.

Even though the recorder of deeds office is not a courtrelated office, this legislation impacted recording fees on those certain documents that the jcs fee is collected. The images for most of our documents from 1975 to present are a payperaccess service. Our current recorder of deeds is chris pielli, esq. A detailed fee schedule as well as a deed calculator can be found on the virginia circuit court website. Northumberland county recorder information pennsylvania. Northumberland county, pennsylvania genealogy records.

Documents found in this office include, but not limited to, deeds, mortgages, satisfaction of mortgage, releases, subdivision plans, agreementseasements, highway maps and secured transactions. Fees for recording documents are found on the fee schedule. Mortgages and mortgage related documents satisfaction of mortgage, release, assignment. Effective january 31, 2018 pursuant to pa acts 1 and 126 of 2014 the following is the list of restated fees. Northumberland county recorder of deeds sunbury, pa. Our website contains all deeds and miscellaneous documents from 1785 to the present, and mortgages from 1979 to the present. Northumberland county correction deed form all northumberland county specific forms listed below are included in your immediate download. The recorder of deeds office acts as a collection agent for realty transfer tax for the pennsylvania department of revenue, along with all of the municipalities and school districts in the county of monroe. However we have preserved all original record books of handwritten. Frank schiefer recorder of deeds email office website 40 n pennsylvania ave ste 420 greensburg, pa 15601 ph. Pennsylvania northumberland county recorder information. Pennsylvania state archives rg17 records of the land office. Recording requirements acknowledgment must include the following.

The 2018 common level ratio factor has been set by the state tax equalization board steb to 4. The mercer county recorder is now offering a free 247 service that better protects residents from potential property and mortgage fraud. An online archive viewer for indexes for 1950 to 1974 for deeds and mortgages and the plan index from 1791 to 1988 are now available. Documents are processed through the use of a standalone computerized recording system and are assigned a volume and page. Public search disclaimer the dauphin county recorder of deeds office presents the information on this web site as a service to the public. Magee, solicitor bucks county courthouse 55 east court st, 6th floor new location doylestown, pa 18901 phone. Shortly thereafter was promoted to chief deputy in that office. Northumberland county, pennsylvania public records directory. Lycoming county courthouse is currently closed to the public.

Every document ever recorded in our office since the birth of our county in 1752 is contained as a computerized image and index on this website. Recorder of deeds home northampton county, pennsylvania. Deed books contain many types of title conveyances and contracts. The recorder of deeds keeps permanent records of all properly deeds, and is also the agent for the commonwealth for the collection of realty transfer taxes. The recorder of deeds office records all real estate related documents along with notary public commissions and various elected official commissions. As with other types of deeds executed by grantors in a representative capacity such as trustees deeds, the personal representatives deed in pennsylvania typically carries a special warranty, covenanting that the grantor will warrant and defend the property against the lawful claims and demands of the grantor or grantors, and all persons.

It is the mission of the recorder s office and her staff to provide accuratelykept land records for public access and to assure knowledgeable, courteous assistance to those who utilize our services. Where can find northumberland county birth, marriage, divorce and death records. Select how to receive notificationsvia text or email. This system is available on a subscriber basis only.

The juniata county register and recorder has many different roles which include the recorder of deeds. The responsibility of the bucks county recorder of deeds office is to record and maintain for permanent record all documents related to real estate deed, mortgages, subdivision plans, etc. The recorder of deeds maintains records and handles transactions related to real property in the county. City archives, 3101 market street, philadelphia, pa 19104. Deed recording requirements county of northumberland. Deeds, mortgages, and assignments should indicate the propertys county and state. An assessment of fees charged by pa county recorders of deeds. The clerk of the circuit court is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in northumberland county. The recorder of deeds office is responsible for the recording and maintaining of all real estate documents in the county of york, pennsylvania. All mortgages recorded since 111949, and unsatisfied mortgages recorded between 1752 and 111949. Pennsylvania northumberland county 201 market street, rm.

To search our online document index and images click here to search public records. Recorder of deeds montgomery county, pa official website. Pike county recorder of deeds pike county, pennsylvania. Find property records, vital records, inmate and court records, professional and business licenses, contractor licenses and much more. Register and recorder crawford county, pennsylvania. Welcome to the allegheny county recorder of deeds online search. Since 1750, the recorder of deeds has maintained a permanent public record of deeds and documents related to the development, transfer, and encumbrance of real estate in cumberland county. Veterans discount card york county recorder of deeds offers a veterans discount card program, called hometown heroes. Commercial users with draw down accounts will be charged 50 cents per page for the first 10 pages of a document, with the remaining pages of that document at no cost.

The recorder of deeds offices is now located at the lackawanna county government center. Netr online northumberland northumberland public records. Very similar acts of 1706, 1711, and 1715 established the recorder of deeds as a county officer, requiring him to keep an office in which to take acknowledgements and record and prepare copies of deeds, mortgages, and leases for more than a years time. Franklin county is an equal opportunity employer and provides advancement opportunities to everyone. Northumberland county correction deed form pennsylvania. Home county of lancaster, office of recorder of deeds.

Recorder of deeds westmoreland county, pa official website. Documents found in this office are, but not limited to, deeds, mortgages, satisfaction of mortgage, releases, subdivision plans, agreementseasements, highway maps and secured transactions. Stay connected subcribe to our website news and get email or text notification when we post important updates to the recorder of deeds news section. Northumberland county, pennsylvania pagenweb resources. Recorded documents relating to this office can be found dating from 1789 to. Deeds and deed related documents easement, right of way, covenant, restrictions, etc. The use of any device not provided by the county or this office which can be used to duplicate the image of a public record maintained in this office is prohibited.

If you need more information about recording fees or realty transfer taxes, contact the northumberland county recorder of deeds at 5709884143. Recorder of deeds centre county, pa official website. To maintain the minute book and all fiscal records and documents open for taxpayer. Prior to 1847, deeds, wills, and estate accounts were all recorded in a single series of volumes entitled record. York county administrative center 28 east market street york, pa 174011590.

Being first hired as a secretary for a district justice then in 2002 being hired into the register recorders office as a clerk. Welcome to the recorder of deeds beaver county, pennsylvania. Recordable documents and fees list effective november, 2017. Recording of these documents preserves the integrity, accuracy and continuity of the records. Northumberland county vital records can be found at the pennsylvania office of vital records has copies of birth and death records since 1906 and death records. Information about the real estate deed recorder in northumberland county. Pa state archives rg17 series titles records of the. Deeds, mortgages, and other legal instruments left for recording and never picked up by the owners. Click here for recorder of deeds fee schedule which becomes effective november 30, 2017.

We now have a fee calculator for our main documents for recording click here. Pennsylvania public record is a comprehensive resource for finding public record information by county, with important links to government websites and other state agencies to assist individuals with locating vital records, genealogy archives, court record documents, and other public record searches. To search our records online please begin by clicking the second menu button to the left search records online register login. Recorder of deeds chester county, pa official website. The northumberland county recorder of deeds, located in sunbury, pennsylvania is a centralized office where public records are recorded, indexed, and stored in northumberland county, pa. Nov 30, 2017 the recorder of deeds division is responsible for the recording, filing, imaging, retrieval and maintenance of deeds, mortgages, and miscellaneous documents pertaining to real estate that are filed in northampton county. Effective july 1, 2012 the bucks county recorder of deeds office will no longer be assigning book and page numbers to recorded documents. We are located in lancaster, pa and serve the residents of lancaster county. County of mercer recorders office dee dee zickar, recorder of deeds. The recorder of deeds is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in northumberland county.

Berks county recorder of deeds berks county services center 3rd floor 633 court street reading, pa 19601 phone. If correct recording fees are not included, the document will be rejected. The mission of the montgomery county recorder of deeds office is to maintain the integrity of all land records and other documents entrusted to the department as well as the collection and monthly distribution of county state fees and real estate transfer taxes for the state, townships, boroughs, and school districts while efficiently serving the public with complete accountability and. Documents are recorded, indexed, verified, and scanned within the current business day. Freilichs genealogical research in pennsylvania, with suggestions for.

Information is also recorded as it pertains to notaries and public and elected county officers. The recorder of deeds primary responsibility is to protect the peoples ownership in their homes and other real property. Property owners may contact the register of deeds for questions about. My county s recorder s office was closed to the public due to the covid19 pandemic, and the recorder s office did not offer the service i needed online. Ill indicates a copy is available for loan local records categories and contents. Click here for a copy of the recorder of deeds document standards. The office of recorder of deeds is responsible for recording documents related to property. The recorder of deeds office is the public repository for numerous legal documents to include real estate records, military discharges, commissions and other official documents. Checks submitted for payment of taxes and fees must be in the. If documents are submitted with an incorrect fee, the documents will be returned. Correct recording fees are required or document will be rejected even if the fees are over please contact the office at 5709884143 for the current fees.

This program will provide a photo id, free of charge to york county veterans who have their dd214 honorable discharge paper filed on record in the recorder of deeds office. Recorder of deeds cumberland county, pa official website. Virginia northumberland county recorder information. Documents recorded in the office consist of, but are not limited to, deeds, mortgages, releases, easements rights of way, subdivisions, and restrictions. Correct recording fees are required or document will be rejected even if the fees are over. Beyond real estate, the recorder s office also records military discharge papers and notary bondscommissions. A small fee will be charged to access the online service prior to accessing any records. The images are of the indexes that you use in the recorder s office. Record deeds, mortgages, subdivisions, and other documents deemed by state law to be of enduring public value.

The recorder of deeds can now be found on the 6th floor of the administration building four floors up from old location. Christina, known by everyone as tina, has been employed by northumberland county since october 1994. Chris pielli was elected chester county recorder of deeds in november 2019 and was sworn into office in january 2020. Northumberland county, pennsylvania public records directory quickly find public record sources in the largest human edited public record directory. Submit an inquiry form and we will respond as quickly as possible. Mercer county recorders office 109 courthouse mercer, pa 1670066 phone. This is in no way associated with the cambria county recorder of deeds office or any other county office. Correct recording fees are required or document will be rejected even if the. Bucks county office of recorder of deeds robin robinson, recorder of deeds kristin nielsen, 1st deputy dianne c. Deeds recorded since 1752, when the county was first formed. The washington county recorder of deeds office was established in 1781 to. Please click here to join us in our cause to help our residents help themselves or help others that are struggling with drug related issues.

The updated fee schedule is posted on the county website under recorder of deeds. Book and page numbers of mortgages must appear on all documents that refer back to an original mortgage. All document records since the year 1800 except for military discharges, in the recorder of deeds office are available for public inspection during regular office hours. Please contact the office at 5709884143 for the current fees. Being first hired as a secretary for a district justice then in 2002 being hired into the registerrecorders office as a clerk. The recorder of deeds office will only accept documents with the correct recording fees. The recorder of deeds maintains records relating to real property in the county. Deed registers and prothonotary dockets are quite large books and are very heavy. Northumberland county has been affected by the opioid epidemic.

The recorder of deeds office provides handson access to cambria county s land records. The purpose of the recorder of deeds is to ensure the accuracy of northumberland county property and land records and to preserve their continuity. This site does not support the current version of your web browser. Download northumberland county pennsylvania correction deed forms available for immediate download from deeds. Netr online northumberland northumberland public records, search northumberland records, northumberland property tax, pennsylvania property search, pennsylvania assessor. The recorder of deeds division maintains land records of property located in lehigh county and carries out the following. If you wish obtain a copy of your deed, please call our office at 8144721473.

In addition, the recorder of deeds collects fees for the monroe county affordable housing agency, the commonwealth court computer. The index search is free for all dates and documents listed above to all customers and the citizens of allegheny county. Go to pennsylvania land records website and select warren as the. Index volume also lists holders of offices of master of rolls and recorder of deeds and dates of their assuming office, 17531879. A selfaddressed stamped envelope is required for documents that are to be returned by mail. Jan 07, 2020 common level ratio in mercer county is 4. Annually over 10,000 people visit the centre county recorder of deeds office to view public information and. Separate checks are not required for taxable deeds 1%, 1%, and recording fee no blanket assignments or satisfaction pieces accepted. Fee books of the secretary of the land office, 17851838. Search northumberland county public property records online. The written amount must match the numerical amount on all deeds and mortgages. Municipality directory open records pa career link public records. Welcome to the lancaster county office of the recorder of deeds website. Documents will be assigned an instrument number only.

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