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Kewtech kt72 kit c contains a pat register book, pat labels and simplypats version 7 manual software for keeping both physical and digital test records. Kewtech kt77p digital downloadable portable pat tester with. Downloading kewtech kt77 pat testing test and tag software. Version 7 manual plus edition pat testing software for windows os. Kewtech test equipment socket testers, multimeters.

To store the system data return to the main menu from the setup menu. On delivery of kewtech kt77 it is necessary to ensure that a user names is the unit will then display the message storing system data. We recommend that you use the usb pen drive supplied by kewtech. It is also noted in the shopping cart, and informs you of how quickly an item will be ready to send out. Powerful 17th edition software available optionally from castline systems. Kewtech connect is a software designed to show reading of kewtech kt220 remotely and download recording from it. Below you will find a quick overview of some of the main features found in kewpat pro the kewpat pro software will currently download andor import data where supported from the following pat testers. Kewtech the company dominates the uk electrical market, aiming to make the lives of contractors easier with tools allowing them to test quickly and efficiently.

Simplypats version 7 is the latest version of the popular downloading pat software from simplypats. Each pad contains carbon copies for customer and contractor use. This affordable package is ideal for a professional pat tester looking for a software solution that will download, store and manage in depth pat results. Bg electrical 812 nexus white moulded 1 gang 2 way plateswitch 10ax. The software is one of the most popular and user friendly currently available on the market. Our extensive range contains everything from very basic pac checkers to highlyadvanced industrial pat testers.

Kewtech kt117 true rms digital multimeter 600v multimeters. The kewtech kt64 multifunction tester makes ease of use its top priority and remains one of our best selling multifunction testers at a fantastic price point. We stock a wide range of pat testers from leading manufacturers including megger, seaward, kewtech and metrel. One of our most popular testers, the ut528 is well known for its reliability, ease of use and low price. Simplypats version 7 software pat training services. Kewtech testers designed specifically for uk electricians. Should you need any additional information, please view our ask alan page or contact us for more details.

This app is available only on the app store for iphone and ipad. Kewtech at portable appliance safety services, find kewtech and much much more from portable appliance safety services ltd, the uks leading online retailer of electrical test. The kewtech kt72 is a battery powered portable appliance tester offering quick and simple pat testing in even the most confined of locations. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please optin.

We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing products that have real benefit to the industry. If you want to see more information on what cables you need to connect your pat tester or if you are using a usb to serial. Kewtech kt77 sss download format supported, kt75, kt74 robin smartpat 5000, 5500. Kt117 digital acdc multimeter, 10a, 600v digital multimeter with true rms. Kewtech kt71 kewtech manual pat tester kewtech kt 71. This is stored in a handy database which can be consulted as required and. Kewtech kt63 kewtech digital 5in1 multifunction att tester. Kewtech multifunction tester 17th edition multifunction. Our low priced kewtech pat tester kits are always in stock for rapid next working. Kewtech kt63 multifunction tester multifunction testers. Included with the kewtech kt 117 is a test lead set, batteries and a certificate of conformity. The kewtech kt77 portable appliance tester is a powerful tool to assist in the analysis. Kewtech kt65dl multifunction tester alpha electronics.

Best loop performance accuracy when benchmarked against other tester brands, displays pfcpscat same time. High standards of accuracy and safety are guaranteed with this kewtech mulimeter which is compliant with iec610101 cat. Kewpat pro is a kewtech rebranded version of simplypats version 6 pat testing software which is aimed at kewtech kt77, kt75 and kt74 users. Other usb memory drives are not guaranteed to be compatible.

Kewtech corporation are a ukbased electrical test equipment manufacturer who focus on developing products that make the testing lives of contractors significantly easier. More detailed information on each of our products we are pleased to publish datasheets and user manuals for all our main products. Kewtech kt65 for sale in uk 52 secondhand kewtech kt65. Kewtech will not accept liability for any damage or injury caused by misuse or noncompliance with the instructions or with the safety procedures. Kewpat pro is the brand name, however as the product is essentially simplypats version 6 and is supported by us, this site will refer to the software as kewpat pro and simplypats version 6. Kewtech kt64 digital 6in1 multifunction tester with att. Buy brand tools are proud to supply the kewtech test equipment range. See our range of entrylevel, intermediate and advanced pat testers from manufacturers such as seaward, megger, kewtech and metrel. These kewtech kt71 and kt72 pat testing kits are very popular with electricians. By continuing to use our website you agree to our use of cookies. Request to remove kewtech fc fast check calibration box. We use cookies to help the site work correctly, improve the experience, collect performance data and assist with our marketing. Also measures resistance, capacitance, diodes and frequency. A product with the kewtech brand has been specifically designed for the uk market by a team with many years of industry experience.

Kewtech multifunction tester 17th edition multifunction tester. With a range that goes all the way from a simplepat pac checker to a highly advanced seaward apollo 600, we have the tester to meet your needs whether you are a responsible person within a business or a fulltime pat testing professional. Every product details page will show a value similar to dispatched within 23 days. Proven, accurate and reliable 5in1 multifunction tester with easy to use, straight forward interface. Kyoritsu kewtech digital ac digital clamp meter kt200. Another strength of the kt77 is kewpat pro, a simple to use software package that lets you store, manage and print out test certificates and reports. Download data of data log function and autosave function. Software packages for both downloadable and nondownloadable testing, allowing creation of professional documentation and organised testing databases. Kewtech kt63 digital 5in1 multifunction tester has big features packed into a small tester. Seaward software and robin fluke power pat plus software. Best loop performance accuracy when benchmarked against other tester brands, displays pfcpscat same time as loop reading. We stock a wide array of pat testers from manufacturers such as seaward, megger and kewtech. Kt72 battery powered manual 230v kewtechs easy to use.

Kewtech certificate sheets are clearly laid out and easy to complete allowing for full certification of all work carried out in compliance to bs7671. Before going any further, make sure your pat tester is connected to your computer using the supplied cable only use the cable that came with your pat tester. Computer services software second hand books rare computer software computer services books retail. Not only do you get one of the fastest, most accurate and most reliable testers on the market, but now you also get a massive selection of testing accessories as well. Software package for data recording and management of test results when testing electrical installations or portable devices. We offer low cost manual testers that are perfect for beginners and those with a small number of appliances to test, while our range of dual voltage and downloadable models are ideal for professional pat testing organisations and individuals. Specifically designed for the uk market, it displays all six rcd test results in one screen. Pat testing kits megger seaward metrel kewtech martindale. Readings are displayed on a large liquid crystal display lcd below which are four bicolour leds, which unambiguously display a pass or fail indication for results dictated by the iee code of practice. Kewtech will not accept liability for any damage or injury caused by misuse or noncompliancewith instructions or safety procedures. Measures acdc voltage up to 600v, acdc current up to 10a. Established in 2004, kewtech corporation is now the leading uk manufacturer of electrical test equipment. Kewtech focus on accuracy, reliability and ease of use, creates new products which save you time and money, provides full support, service and partnership to our extensive distributor network, is used by more than 85% of the uk electrical contracting market and.

The kewtech kt71 is a handheld portable appliance tester, performing four functions to ensure the safety of class i and class ii appliances. The easy usability of this pat tester makes it a great buy for in house maintenance staff or persons wishing to to save money by doing pat testing inhouse. Kewtech kt77 data imported through usb stick or data cable. Portable appliance testing software with support for all popular pat. We supply pat testers from all the top manufacturers including seaward, kewtech, megger, martindale and metrel. If you need to store and record test results then go for the kewtech kt76 or kt77 appliance tester kits. Features include continuity buzzer, data hold function and sleep function to save battery power. View and download kewtech kt77 instruction manual online. We are the uks leading internet supplier for kewtech pat testing kits. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Ta pat training services 1 aston court town end close. Only use accessories recommended by kewtech as they are designed to work with the tester.

The kewtech kt65dl multifunction tester is one of the products we have used since opening five years ago because its solid, durable and reliable, not to mention a great piece of kit to start out with. This means that the kt77 can stay on site whilst the usb stick is taken back to the office for. Needs calibration, perfect working order new leads and clips. The instrument should not be used if it is damaged or impaired in any way, but returned to kewtech for attention. Kt64 multifunction tester combines the latest att antitrip technology with easy to use functionality. According to figures by kewtech, over 85% of the uk contractor market currently uses a kewtech product. Kewtech kt64dl pro 18th edition multifunction tester kit this new kit offered by kewtech has everything a 17th edition installer would need. Kewpat pro software another strength of the kt77 is kewpat pro, a simple to use software package that lets you store, manage and print out test certificates and reports. Phase rotation in line with new 17th edition requirements. Jun, 2011 pat testing equipment demo for a kewtech kt71. Kewtech kt63 multifunction tester 96369 provides a full test and inspection of any 17th edition wired installation. Kewtech kt76 and kt77 kits save time by storing pat results.

Measures current up to 400a ac measures voltage up to 600v ac resistance continuity buzzer 33mm jaw sleep feature data hold memory function display. The kewtech kt71 pat tester is a upto date pat tester designed with speed, ease of use and portability in mind and its low cost price makes it an absolute bargain. Kewtech kt64 for sale in uk 58 secondhand kewtech kt64. Ideal companion app for use with simplypats available separately which provides advanced data management options, professional pat report and certification, invoicing and import and export of data to and from kewpat for. Pat testing app for your android device manually log your pat testing results, or if you own a kewtech smartpat you can control the pat tester remotely. Request to remove kewtech pat testers kt72, kt61, kt76, kt77. Kewtech kt65dl kewtech digital mft 8in1 multifunction tester. Ensure you have the usb memory stick supplied with your pat tester plugged in. Pat testing app for your android device manually log your pat testing results, or if you own a kewtech smartpat you can control the pat tester remotely using the app.

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