Canon 60d slow motion video software

How to set up a canon 7d for slow motion digital cameras. Shooting slow mo video with your dslr no software needed duration. Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your eos 60d dslr. This is a video tutorial by philip bloom on converting canon. I have a canon rebel e0s t3 and it only has the 24fps and 30 fps options. Note that even shooting at 60fps, you wont get the buttery smooth slomo action you see in the movies. Video can be captured at a number of resolutions and frame rates for numerous applications. I want to make a video that has a lot of fast paced to slow motion transitions that appear buttery smooth.

Canon knowledge base how to connect the eos 60d to a. How to use 60d for slow motion video jul 6, 2012 i am new to shooting video with a decent, dslr camera, especially one that has manual settings. Canon has also included an incamera movie editing feature. Brian and i helped canon 60d 720p 60fps to 24fps skateboarding slow motion on vimeo. What is the best settings for slowmotion on the 70d with sony vegas 10.

A guide on how to shoot slow motion videos using your dslr. The canon eos 7d allows you to capture moments with still photos and hd video. Thats going to look jerky unless you interpolate frames between frames with your video software. The 60d is great is your shooting intermittent shots, and they are somewhat planned you have to set your camera up for video.

I have the canon 60d and i have been reading up on how to shoot slow motion. The higher frame rates, 60 and 120 will capture more information for those times you want to see more movement. Beautiful sunset hd canon 600d rebel t3i kiss x5 slow motion. How to shoot a quality slow motion shot without the option of 60 fps. It will create inbetween frames to slow down the footage. For low shooting frame rates, it may take approximately 1 second to stop recording. Slowmotion test canon eos 60d 720p 60fps tamron sp 1750mm f2. Below are 10 120fps 720p samples from the canon eos 5d mark iv for you to see and judge quality. Canon eos m50 mirrorless camera black with 1545mm kit lens, rode videomic go, lexar 64gb memory card, canon camera. The 60d, canons new midrange dslr, is a whole lot like the rebel t2i. You can shoot slowmo at 12000 but it may not be the desired look you want see above links for more info. Video in slow motion using canon 80d and canon lens 24mm 1. I am new to shooting video with a decent, dslr camera, especially one that has manual settings. Its can be produce reasonable footage in sometimes and sometimes not in canon s typical 720p.

In the first image, a shutter speed of 1100 second was too slow for the canon eos 60d to catch the subject without blur. Canon eos 60d very grainy video, please help video. The 5d mark iv is an excellent stills camera with very robust auto focus tracking in video mode however it is hardly a slow motion enthusiasts first pick for their arsenal. This is another creative cow tutorial that outlines how to use cinema tools from final cut pro. What is the best way to create slow motion video from a canon 7d. Like a classic repetitive occurrence, the slow motion samples are not presented at launch. Comparing to 60d s 720p mode, the quality is same, no any improvements or cleaner as usual canon. The canon 6d is an interesting camera in canon s lineup in that its video features are very similar to those of its more expensive brother, the 5d mark iii.

What are the best settings for capturing a sharp image with a canon 60d. If you wish slow motion video with canon 700d, you can shoot at 720p only. Twixtor is a way of generating slow motion footage from source material that was shot normal speed i. Canon s eos utility software allows correction data for lenses including models asyet unreleased to be uploaded to the canon 60d, up to a maximum of 40 lenses. I have shot many video clips with the 60d and it works great. If you do not need 4k of slow motion features then the canon 80d is a good upgrade in stills and video from everything before on their price range. The 60d starts up faster and has a higher effective iso. Learn about the settings you need to use to prepare to shoot in one of the high speed modes. I was told to take the frame rate from 24 to 60 and drop the shutter speed from 125 to 50. I am using this camera mainly to shoot video, but now that ive had it for a couple of months and im. How to shoot slow motion video with the canon eos 7d. To see more of the videos on this subject, check out the parts below, especially on processing the slow motion.

I have the canon 60d and i have been reading up on how to shoot slow motion video with dlsr cameras. A first touch with canon 60d and try to play with water slow motion and color grading. Canon eos 60d slow motion test video slow motion test of balloons party popper candle video was shot at 60fps and then used twixtor to. Aj vickery shows us how to use the slow motion video feature, perfect for action shots. Canon 7d does 1,000 fps slowmotion surfing video thanks.

The vixia hf g30 allows you to record in a different frame rate than the one you play back in, adding a fast or slow motion effect to your captured video. The canon eos c100 mark ii digital hd camera includes a screwlocking hdmi connector for output of live hd video from the camera to monitors or other devices. In this video, learn how to setup a canon eos 7d camera for slow motion. The 60d has a tiltswivel screen and starts up faster. Onsite or off, unnecessary scenes can be deleted and the startend points of video footage can be designated via incamera editing functions without the need of a separate computer. Online technical support, troubleshooting and howtos.

Take a look if the software is compatible, and if it gives you the 60 fps rate. The canon 60d s allnew cmos sensor records high definition video at a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,088 pixels with a 16. The shutter speed was adjusted to be 2x the frame rate to adjust motion blur. Of course some software such as ae or twixtor uses interpolation to. If you want to view your movies on a tv, you can connect the camera to the tv. The amount of video that can be recorded at one time is approximately 12 hours worth of video. If you use mac os x, click the eos utility icon registered in the dock. Why you cant find 60fps on your canon dslr pal vs ntsc duration. Hello, i have a canon eos 60d camera 2 months old and im using a efs 1785mm lens. For example, for 10x slow motion from 60fps video, youll be showing just 6 fps from the original video.

Canon 7d does 1,000 fps slowmotion surfing video thanks to software tricks shares devin graham filmed surfers off oahus north shore with his canon 7d and a 2x teleconverter which. When editing my eos 60d 1080 30 fps video on final cur pro 7. Shoot in 60fps, reduced the speed in 75% in adobe premiere and applied optical flow to smooth the final video. I was told to take the frame rate from 24 to 60 and drop the shutter speed from 125 to. For slow motion the inclusion of 720p 120 and 1080p 60 will be a first for the canon prosumer line. How to shoot a quality slow motion shot without the option. The message that appears on the screen differs depending on the computers operating system or software. Canon 60d 720p 60fps to 24fps skateboarding slow motion. This fullframe dslr camera boasts professionalquality video specs, including the ability to shoot 4k videos at up to 30 frames per second fps and full hd videos at up to 60. For this subject, who was moving at a fairly rapid speed, a high shutter speed all the way up to 18000 second was required to freeze the action cleanly and, frankly, to show off the maximum shutter speed of the 60d. The video is also difficult to play, often stalling after each edit. Canon 60d 720p 60fps to 24fps skateboarding slow motion on.

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