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Hitfix while the 2011 san diego comiccon was ostensibly holding a presentation for the new tv movie burn notice. Burn notice to end after seventh season hollywood reporter. Follows sam axe on a mission in latin america and gives us a glimpse into his military past. The film was directed by burn notice star jeffrey donovan and premiered in the us on the usa network. The fall of sam axe, which gave fans insight on how their beloved burn notice character came to be. As the title already implies, it is the fall of sam axe. On what will turn out to be sams last military mission, he is sent to the jungles of colombia to investigate claims of a vicious terrorist organization known only as. Before sam axe teamed up with michael and fiona, he was commander axe. Burn notice the fall of sam axe 2011 tv was released on.

While the formula makes for a likable enough tv movie, it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity. Most recently, campbell starred in and executive produced the television movie burn notice. What are some movies that youd consider similar to burn. When the series started, all we knew was that sam was retired and romancing miami widows while drinking away his pension. In fact i ordered the fall of sam axe so that i could rewatch, now that i have 5 seasons of the series under my belt and know who the characters are.

He is the best friend of burned exspy michael westen, the main character in burn notice. Robot had 1 to 2 million viewers in its first season and dropped below a million in. The film takes place in 2005, when lieutenant commander sam axe is. The fall of sam axe is a nifty showcase for the roguish charisma of bruce campbell, even if it feels more like an extended television episode rather than a feature film. The show follows the life of protagonist michael westen jeffrey donovan, a covert operative who has been burned identified as an unreliable or dangerous agent and tries to find out why. Directed by series star jeffrey donovan, the fall of sam axe. The film follows sam axe bruce campbell on a mission to colombia during his days as a navy seal and reveals the reason why he retired from the military to live in miami. Burn notice the fall of sam axe dvd by bruce campbell. Sam axe was so popular that fans still clamor to ask about a possible burn notice reunion at every convention appearance campbell makes. The fall of sam axe stars bruce campbell, ronreaco lee, kiele sanchez, john diehl the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 30 min, and received a score of out of 100. What watch does sam axe wear on burn notice answers. He got the name chuck finley in the tv movie burn notice. For seven seasons, bruce campbell played exnavy seal sam axe on the hit usa network series, burn notice. Bruce campbell talks about burn notice and jokes about his involvement with evil dead 4.

The fall of sam axe plays like a 90minute episode of burn notice, only with bruce campbells wry narration instead of jeffrey donovans. There are exceptions, but most episodes stick to the formula creator matt nix established in the first season. We eventually learned that sams retirement was forced upon him and that the government does not look upon his military record with fondness note. Furthermore, the tv movie the fall of sam axe, which takes place approx. I thomas magnum michael weston voiceovers, narration, lead rick sam axe finds people, connections. Sam went to analy high school in sebastopol, california and played football. The fall of sam axe 2011 starring bruce campbell and kiele sanchez on dvd and bluray.

This is the same high school the shows creator, matt nix went to. Set in 2005, the movie follows sams last mission as a navy seal before he wound up retired in miami. A prequel based off the popular series burn notice, highlighting michael westens right hand man, sam axe. In april 2011, usa debuted a standalone tv movie burn notice. The fall of sam axe, starring fanfavorite campbell. The prequel movie, set in late 2005, begins after a faction of columbian rebels makes trouble for the locally stationed military platoon, with lieutenant commander sam axe bruce campbell being. The sam axe movie centers on a band of colombian rebels refusing to make friends with the military platoon stationed in the area.

He did an episode of burn notice last season that i liked. As informal punishment for an unwitting affair with admiral gregory maitlands adulterous wife, sam axe, a us navy commander, was sent to colombia to observe the suspected rebel movement espada ardiente burning sword. Burn notice aired from june 2008 until september 20 on usa network with a total of 7 seasons. However, a new fan theory suggests we missed a big part of the story. With his assets frozen, he is unable to leave miami. Because of the burn notice, michael finds that his reputation and his finances are ruined and the government has confined him to the city of. The fall of sam axe is the 2011 television prequel film to the series burn notice. The fall of sam axe is a journey into the past of the series most enigmatic character as only bruce campbell can play him. Bruce campbell talks new movie, sam axe at comiccon. Burn notice internet movie firearms database guns in. Not a movie, but burn notice is remarkably like magnum, p.

Burn notice is an american television series that originally aired on the cable television channel usa network from june 28, 2007 to september 12, 20. Before sam axe teamed up with michael and fiona, he was commander axe, u. The sam axe movie was a blast to do, but it was made mostly with an entirely different crew in bogota, colombia, so maybe there will be an opportunity to revisit these characters, but its not. Yes, its silly and preposterous at times, but like burn notice, its stylish and hugely entertaining, which is the whole point. The fall of sam axe you are looking for humorous, suspenseful and semi serious movies about with military police, adventure, navy, danger, heroic mission, soldier and intrigue themes of action, comedy and crime genre shot in usa. The fall of sam axe, the 5,000 or so fans who lined up reportedly beginning before 5. Kaufen sie burn notice the fall of sam axe gunstig ein. Burn notice prequel the sam axe movie adds supporting cast. The fall of sam axe is a tvmovie prequel to burn notice. Achetez burn notice the fall of sam axe by bruce campbell a. Tv movie reveals backstory of popular burn notice character. The fall of sam axe is a 2011 american television film based on the usa network television series burn notice.

I enjoyed this film for what it is, a standalone film, however please dont be fooled into thinking it bears much resemblance to burn notice. In 2011, campbell voiced the role of rod torque redline in cars 2, the sequel to the hit disney animated feature. On what will turn out to be sams last military mission, he is sent to the jungles of colombia to investigate claims of a vicious terrorist organization known only as the. The fall of sam axe, and is played by bruce campbell. Very good film and a very good spinoff from burn notice, shows you how sam got. Burn notice s05 e00 prequel the fall of sam axe youtube. Eastern one criticism thats often been leveled at burn noticeand i should know, because ive oft leveled it myselfis that the show all too rarely breaks from its traditional format. He also gets asked regularly on twitter if the band will. Burn notice was an american spy action series that starred jeffrey donovan as michael westen, an american spy who unexpectedly receives a burn notice from his superiors, indicating that hes been blacklisted from doing any spy work for the government. Burn notices bruce campbell on his sam axe tv movie, the. Four years later though, the burn notice tv movie prequel all about bruces exseal sam axe only reaches a moderate level of enjoyment, most of which simply comes from seeing bruce back in a.

It was the first official burn notice spinoff, starring bruce campbell of the evil dead, and directed by jeffrey donovan. This standalone movie from the cable series burn notice stars bruce campbell as navy seal sam axe who accepts orders to infiltrate a terrorist cell in south america, a mission that will forever change his life in unexpected ways. This is the world of burn notice, however, so it wont be all fun in the sun. The fall of sam axe tells the story of how sam went from respected naval commander to the man of mystery weve come to know on burn notice. Dont get me wrong, i think sam axe is great, but its the dynamic of the team as a whole that makes the show what it is, and watching sam go off and do his own thing, with the help of some characters we dont really know, is nowhere near as enjoyable. Burn notice regularly had 5 to 6 million viewers at its peak. The burn notice prequel movie, the fall of sam axe, debuts tonight on usa at 9 p. The show was broadcast in the united states on april 17, 2011, on the u. The fall of sam axe is a nifty showcase for the roguish charisma of. With bruce campbell, kiele sanchez, ronreaco lee, pedro pascal.

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